Digital Onboarding

Te rugăm să revii. Poți deschide cont online doar în zilele lucrătoare, între 8:30 - 17:00.

100% Online!

You are not yet our client and don't have an account with payment card with Victoriabank?

Nothing easier - no headaches, no commissions, everything happens in just 5 simple steps, 100% online, right here… and in just 10 minutes you have a current account in MDL with attached payment card at Victoriabank. You can receive the physical card at your home address indicated by you or can pick it up from a Victoriabank branch.

You can apply to open an online account if you:

  • have an identity card of the Republic of Moldova
  • are not already a Victoriabank client
  • have an electronic signature
  • are 18 years old and you are a resident of the Republic of Moldova
  • are not a politically exposed person or a FATCA subject
Don't have an advanced electronic signature? Find out how you can get it by accessing one of the links below:

To open an online account you need:

  • 10 minutes of free time
  • a camera and microphone on the current device and the browser is allowed to access them
  • valid original identity card – you have to take a picture of it and make a selfie
  • to meet us in a video call: a Victoriabank colleague will be ready to see you on weekdays between 8:30 and 17:00
  • to sign electronically the received blanks