The Story of Victoriabank

Welcome! We are a bank offering innovative solutions to our customers while taking care of our employees. We do everything together, because we have a great #zestforwork!

About Victoriabank

Victoriabank is a Moldovan brand with a unique, authentic story – an innovator that is linked to the first bank card, the first ATM, the first mobile application and the first credit for small entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova.

Victoriabank in figures

There are over 270,000 active customers, 100 offices of Victoriabank in over 30 localities in the country. The number of employees of the bank exceeds 1,000 people, with an average age of 34 years. Among them there are people employed in the first years since its founding.

Victoriabank has a pioneering destiny in the wild, wild East and a history that is truly impressive. It has a name with a considerable brand equity, accumulated over time and currently consolidated through the endorsement by the Banca Transilvania Group – which provided it with a visual identity capable of supporting the bank's vitality capital and a "V" – from Victory, for #zestforbusiness  and the desire to regain leadership on the banking market of the Republic of Moldova

History of Victoriabank

Victoriabank took its first steps in December 1989, in the Republic of Moldova.

It was named Victoriabank as a symbol of the "struggle for victory" or, in other words, of the ambition to grow. For 30 years, Victoriabank has been galloping, a gallop symbolized by the horse that was part of the bank's logo until December 2019 and confirmed by the bank's ranking in the top three largest banking institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

Starting with 2.12.2019, Victoriabank has a new brand identity that reproduces the energy and modern character of the brand, maximizes both its digital and physical presence and comes with the 30th anniversary of its founding. The blue color that inspires confidence and vitality has been preserved. The flag is the new element in the logo, a continuation of the initial "V" in the name of the bank that strengthens Victoriabank's position in the country's banking market and means “fighter” and “victory”. At the same time, the bank's logo now contains another important element, namely the membership in Banca Transilvania Financial Group.

Victoriabank … the first

Victoriabank has marked many premieres throughout its history, through each of them offering customers the opportunity to be the first to use the services, products and facilities for banking. Some of these are:

  • The first banking institution in the Republic of Moldova, information that is part of its visual identity, being part of the logo: "The first bank in Moldova" (1989).
  • The first bank in the Republic of Moldova to obtain financing from an international financial institution, from the EBRD, worth $ 4 million to support local SMEs (1995).
  • It issued the first cards in the Republic of Moldova (1997).
  • The first POS in the Republic of Moldova was owned by Victoriabank and was installed at Dacia Hotel in Chisinau (1997).
  • The first ATM in the Republic of Moldova is also owned by Victoriabank (1998).
  • The first bank in the Republic of Moldova to implement the eCommerce program for online stores (2004).
  • The first Visa Premium card (2004), Visa Platinum (2011) and the first Visa Infinite card (2011) in the Republic of Moldova
  • VictoriaPay, the first contactless telephone payment service in the Republic of Moldova (2017).
  • Possibility to pay contactless with the smartwatch (2019).