VB Kid

MDL 3,50% | USD 1,10% | EUR 0,70% | up to 120 month

About the children's deposit


up to 120 months

Interest rates in case of opening a deposit at the bank's cash desks

48 month3,50%1,10%0,70%
60 month
72 month
84 month
96 month
108 month
120 month


  • The value of the initial deposit – 1.000 MDL, 100 USD / EUR
  • Maximum value  - the maximum deposit balance cannot exceed 1.000.000 MDL, 50.000 USD/ EUR
  • Additional replenishment - unlimited, by transfer from a current account
  • Partial withdrawals  - not allowed
  • Periodicity of interest payment - annually to the current account indicated in the deposit contract
  • Interest rate  - floating
  • Interest bonus - the bank calculates double interest for the date that coincides with the minor's birthday
  • Automatic extension - if the automatic extension option was selected when setting up the deposit, then the deposit is extended to the conditions valid on the respective day of the 60-month deposit Disponibil VB
  • The possibility of opening and servicing a card account Mastercard Gold on preferential terms

Account and card servicing fees for depositors

Early termination of the contract

Early termination can take place at any time:

  • at the request of one of the parents or legal representative, if the minor is under 14 years of age
  • at the request of the minor with the written consent of the parent or legal representative, if the minor is over 14 years old
  • at the request of a minor who has reached the age of 18 years

Interest rate on early termination:

  • In the first 12 months the interest is recalculated at the rate 0%
  • After 12 months - interest is paid in proportion of 50%

Required documents

  • The identity card of the parent / legal representative
  • The child's birth certificate or identity card
  • The decision to appoint the curator, issued by the guardianship authority


The deposit guarantee ceiling (the maximum amount payable) is MDL 100,000, to a depositor and per Bank. Brochure DGFBS.