Visa Orange

International card with advantageous combination of additional benefits and bonus points!


  • Reduced commission when opening and servicing the card
  • Earn bonus points and shop with them at Orange stores
  • Free subscription to VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile
  • VB Notifications free for any account movement
  • Price reductions on card payments in Victoriashopping partner stores and automatic registration in promotions organized by Victoriabank or VISA
  • Promotions and discounts by Visa partners
  • Non-stop customer support

About cards

Orange Co-brand cards are available in Visa Classic and Visa Gold.

Visa Classic Orange

VISA Classic is an international debit card dedicated to day-to-day banking. To open the card you only need the identity card


  • Initial issuance of the card - EUR 1.5*
  • Minimum initial deposit - EUR 10*
  • Monthly service - EUR 0.2*

* The minimum initial issue, service and deposit is not charged for cards issued to young people up to the age of 25.

Visa Gold Orange

VISA Gold is a premium card with international use and special benefits. Cardholders receive a free Euro 50,000 health insurance policy for travel abroad.

Visa Gold card is issued to individuals under the age of 18 in accordance with Victoriabank's internal requirements.


  • Initial issuance of the card - EUR 5
  • Minimum initial deposit - EUR 10
  • Monthly service - EUR 1.5

Insurance (upon request)

If you want to travel abroad, it is good to know that you can benefit from an insurance of up to EUR 50,000, to be safe in any corner of the world you would be in.

Contacts: +373 22 265 744, +373 22 265 730


VISA Electron Virtual

VISA Electron Virtual is a debit card, intended for exclusive use for online shopping and payments. The card does not have physical plastic support and cannot be used at ATMs or stores

Advantages of the VISA Electron Virtual card:

  • Increased protection against Internet fraud, by filling the account only with the amount needed for each transaction
  • A mandatory minimum balance is not required when issuing the card
  • Very low monthly service fee - only 1.5 MDL
  • The card account can be credited by instant transfer from the basic card account via VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile

How do I receive bonus points?

You get bonus points for any payment with your card, regardless of the amount spent, but also money transfers, account feeds and cash withdrawals from ATMs of other banks:

 Bonuses grid:

VISA Electron Virtual (excluded from the Bank's offer)*VISA Electron (excluded from the Bank's offer)*VISA ClassicVISA Gold
Received transfer To card, through Visa Inc. sytstem-2 bonuses per transaction2 bonuses per transaction2 bonuses per transaction
Card payment In shops and on internet1% of the transaction value, maximum 6 bonuses1% of the transaction value, maximum 6 bonuses1% of the transaction value, maximum 6 bonuses1,5% of the transaction value, maximum 10 bonuses
Account replenishment by transfer from other banks in Moldova and abroad-2 bonuses per transaction2 bonuses per transaction2 bonuses per transaction

*For VISA Electron Virtual and VISA Electron cards in circulation, these conditions remain until the card expires or is re-issued. For re-issuing the card, you will be able to opt for VISA Classic or VISA Gold

How do I know how many bonus points I have?

  • Points will accrue to your Bonus Points account associated with the card. To see how many points you have earned, go to the VB24 Mobile / VB24 Web on your smartphone/computer and access the “Cards and Accounts” menu. In the list, you will find your Bonus Points account and its balance.

How can I use bonus points?

  • Each Bonus Point has a value of 50 bani, and the amount you accumulate can be spent on products and / or services in Orange stores. Hand the card to the seller, let him know that you want to pay with points, and payment will be made from your Bonus Points account associated with the card. Moreover, you can choose to pay only part of the value of the purchase with points, and the rest with money.