Expres Loan Online

Up to 300.000 Lei, without material guarantees, for a period of up to 5 years


About the credit

g Purpose

consumer needs for various purposes

k Term

minimum 6 months

maximum 60 months

h Maximum credit amount

300,000 MDL

Eligibility requirements for applicants

  • citizenship of the Republic of Moldova or foreign citizenship / statelessness – tax residence of the Republic of Moldova
  • minimum age of 18 years old at the date of credit issuance
  • is a Victoriabank customer and has a qualified advanced electronic signature
  • maximum age of 65 years old at the maturity date of the credit
  • official income and capacity to pay that meets the bank requirements
  • at least 6 months of work at the current job and at least 6 salary records in the State Tax Service Report
  • during the last calendar year, there were arrears up to 61 days for the repayment of credits/ loans contracted from other creditors
  • no credits / loans subject to enforcement in the last 3 years

Required documents

  • The identity document
Note: The Income certificate (if the income is not reported to the State Tax Service) and/or other supporting documents regarding the additional revenues collected (as the case may be).

Interests and fees

  • Fixed Interest Rate of 9.50%
  • File analysis commission - 0 lei

Illustrative example

Fixed rate 9.50%. For a credit in the amount of 200,000.00 MDL for a term of 5 years, the monthly payment is 4,200.37 MDL. The effective annual interest rate (EAR) is 9,92%, and the total amount payable is 252,022.37 MDL.