VB24 Web

Pay the bills, manage your accounts and check your card account anywhere and any time

Reasons to subscribe to VB24 Web

  • Get full access to information for all cards and bank accounts in 24/24 hours
  • View account balance and check transaction history
  • Open deposit and current accounts online
  • Currency exchange
  • Graphically view the distribution of costs by vendor category through the financial analyst Block and unlock the cards that you own
  • Close or reissue remotely your bank card
  • Block and unlock the cards you own
  • Transfer money between cards and your own card accounts
  • Creating payment templates
  • Make payments or transfers to service providers, mobile operators, Internet, cable TV and other utilities, including gas, water, etc.
  • Pay for public services included in the payment service of the MPay government: pay for a kindergarten, police fines, civil status services, etc.
  • Configure and manage transaction limits for your bank card and other security settings for your card and card account

How to subscribe free to VB24 Web?

  • 1. Activate your bank card at ATM

    2. Click the link https://web.vb24.md

    3. Click on the Registration

    4. Enter your card number in the new interface

    5. On your mobile phone you will receive an SMS with a code that you must enter it in the CODE OF SMS

    6. In a new window you must enter your login and password, which you will enter every time


You must indicate your mobile phone number in the application for receiving the code of SMS.

Via ATM Victoriabank

  • 1. Find the nearest ATM on the map

    2. Insert the card into the ATM and authorize by entering your PIN code

    3. Go to the main menu Subscribe to services

    4. Select option  Internet banking