Mastercard Depozit

Receive money earned from deposit interest directly on your bank card. Make shopping in stores and on the internet and enjoy the benefits of a credit card


  • Monthly collection of money obtained from deposit interest
  • Payment for products and services in commercial centers all over the world and by internet
  • Utility bills payment through VB24 Web și VB24 Mobile
  • Receiving money transfers from Moldova and from abroad
  • Receiving monthly salary under the salary project
  • Receiving social payments from CNAS
  • Withdrawal of cash from all ATMs in Moldova and other countries

Discounts and bonuses

Additionel Services

  • Bank transfers through VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile to any Victoriabank card
  • Visualize the balance / mini statement (accessible amount):
  • Bank statement release:
  • at bank branches and via e-mail
  • via VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile

Customer Support 24/24

  • Non-stop customer support phone numbers: 1303 or 022-210303
  • International customer support from payment systems MasterCard World Wide:
  • Lost or stolen card notification report
  • Information service for card holders


  • Opening and account management – free
  • The initial issuance of the card - free
  • All Rates