Unsecured consumer loan

Destined for your personal needs, including for the refinancing of loans or consumer loans from other financial institutions, it offers you a maximum amount of 300,000 lei for a maximum period of 5 years.


About the credit

g Purpose

personal consumer needs for various purposes, including for refinancing of consumer credits/ loans from other banks/ financial institutions

k Term

Minimum 6 months

Maximum 60 months

h Maximum credit amount

Maximum – 300,000 MDL

If the credit amount exceeds 200,000 MDL, the applicant shall be owner/ co-owner of a real estate


  • approval of the credit in short term
  • choosing the method of repaying the credit that suits you (annuity or linear schedule)
  • transparent costs and no monthly service fees

Eligibility criteria of the applicant

  • citizenship of the Republic of Moldova or foreign citizenship – tax residence of the Republic of Moldova
  • age of 18 – 65 years old
  • no credits/ loans subject to enforcement in the last 3 years
  • at least 6 months of official employment and at least 6 salary records in the State Tax Service Report
  • income from salary, pension, remittances, rent, licensed activity, royalty, dividends or employment contract from abroad (accepted by co-debtors)

Required documents

  • the identity document
  • documents confirming the obtained income
  • title deeds of the real estate (for amounts higher than 200.000 MDL)
  • salary certificate, individual employment contract (as the case may be)


Interest Rate

Fixed Interest Rate within the promotion of 14.90%

File analysis commission - free

Standard conditions:

  • Within the project – 20.85%, per annum, consisting of the NBM Reference Index (13.42%) and the Fixed Margin of the Bank (7.43%)
  • Standard - 21.85%, per annum, consisting of the NBM Reference Index (13.42%) and the Fixed Margin of the Bank (8.43%)
  • File analysis commission - 400 MDL

Example of calculation

For a credit in the amount of 200,000 MDL for a term of 5 years, the following payments are expected:

  • In period February, 6 - May 31, 2023, with promotional fixed rate 14.90%, the monthly rate is 4,747.49 lei. The total payment amount will be 284,849.77 lei, and the  effective annual interest rate (APR) is 15.90%.

  • With an interest rate of 20.85%, the monthly payment is 5,393.81 MDL. The (EAIR) is 23.07%, and the total amount payable is 324,028.56 MDL.
  • With an interest rate of 21.85%, the monthly payment is 5,506.74 MDL. The (EAIR) is 24.29%, and the total amount payable is 330,804.32 MDL.