VB24 Mobile

Directly from your smartphone, it simplifies the relationship with the bank and saves time. Manage your accounts and payments through the VB24 Mobile app, available 24 hours a day

Connecting to VB24 Mobile

Download free the App VB24 Mobile on your smartphone:

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The reasons to subscribe to VB24 Mobile

  • View the balance of card accounts and history transactions
  • Make money transfers between your own card or current accounts
  • Card activation from anywhere in the world
  • Make money transfers between your bank cards and Visa bank cards issued by other banks in the country and around the world
  • Currency exchange
  • Establish and manage  bank card transaction limits and other security settings for card and card accounts
  • Make payments or transfersto service providers, such as mobile operators, Internet and cable TV providers and suppliers of utilities, including gas, water, etc
  • Accesarea comodă a locațiilor și ATM Victoriabank prin intermediul hărții interactive
  • Open  deposit and current accounts online

  • View the location of ATMs and bank branches on an interactive map
  • Close  or reissue the bank card
  • View  card account identification details
  • Generate one-time passwords to confirm operations in Internet-banking
  • Customize  accounts by adding a name to make it easier for the identification