"Prima Casă" loan

If you have chosen your home, we help you move into it with the Prima Casa program. The “First House” loan is the product offered by Victoriabank for the purchase of a home, to the clients who meet the conditions of inclusion in this State Program.

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About the credit

F What is the First Home credit?

The “First House” credit is a product offered by Victoriabank within the State Program, which is issued for the purchase of residential real estate, under the conditions laid down by the Law and the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

F Who are beneficiaries of the First Home program?

Natural persons, citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who meet the eligibility criteria established according to the “First House” State Program

k Credit period

Maximum 8 years

F Pledge

Mortgage of the real estate purchased through the Program

h Maximum funded amount

Up to 90% of the purchase price of the dwelling  (maximum 900,000 MDL)

Eligibility criteria of the applicant

  • the age between 18 and 50 years old at the time of credit issuance
  • citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, officially employment in the Republic of Moldova
  • a minimum advance of 10% of the cost of the purchased real estate
  • income from official sources for the payment of the mortgage credit, whose monthly instalment does not exceed 40% of the total net income of the debtor and co-debtors
  • if you own another dwelling, the area of the purchased dwelling within the Program shall exceed the area of the existing dwelling owned independently or together with other family members. A person who owns, individually or together with other family members, a dwelling, regardless of its area, in a village (a commune), acquired by inheritance or donation, is also considered eligible.

Are you employed in the public sector? (FIRST HOUSE 2)

When you can benefit from the compensation granted from the state budget in the amount of 50% of the secured credit balance. You shall meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • to act within the public authorities/ public institutions fully financed from the component budgets of the national public budget, public medical institutions, financially autonomous state higher education institutions
  • to have at least in total one year of employment at the public authorities/ institutions without interruption of employment during that period
  • not to have employment relationship suspended in connection with being on leave for caring a child, a sick family member, a child with disabilities or as a result of participation in various forms of professional development events organized at the initiative or in the interest of the authority/ public institution, for a period not exceeding one year
  • not to be subject to disciplinary sanctions during the last year of activity
  • to have contracts concluded in accordance with the Regulation for the implementation of the State Program “First House”, approved by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova no. 202 of 28.02.2018
  • to purchase/choose a dwelling, the cost of which should not exceed 600,000 MDL (the value indicated in the sale and purchase contract)

You shall apply for the compensation from the state budget independently (without involving the bank), including:

to record in the Electronic Register of applications for compensations (available on the official website of the State Program “First House” - www.primacasa.gov.md after signing the contracts in accordance with the Regulation for the implementation of the Program State “First House”, approved by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova no. 202 of 28.02.2018

to upload the following scanned documents in the Electronic Register of applications for compensations:

  • the sale and purchase contract
  • the credit contract
  • the mortgage contract
  • the document signed by the employer regarding the date of employment of the applicant at the public authority/ public institution, as well as the confirmation of the lack of disciplinary sanctions during the last year of activity
  • no dwelling shall have been purchased through the Program by spouses

Eligibility conditions of the real estate to be purchased

  • location in the Republic of Moldova
  • the value indicated in the sale and purchase contract does not exceed 1,000,000 MDL
  • finished, commissioned and registered with the Public Services Agency
  • valued by a valuer approved by Victoriabank
  • no material defects according to the valuation report
  • free from alienation or encumbrance
  • will be used exclusively as a residential space by the beneficiary/ his/her family members
  • in the process, all the modifications related to the real estate will be made subject only to the written consent of Victoriabank, based on a declarative cost estimate of the client approved by the valuer/ technical expert.
  • the real estate can be sold only after full repayment of the credit and related interests

Required documents

  • Identity card (applicant, spouse/ co-debtors (if applicable)
  • Documents proving the income of persons who do NOT collect income at Victoriabank:

    • Employment contract + all subsequent agreements
    • Salary certificate (valid for 15 calendar days from the date of issuance)
    • Documents confirming other types of income considered in addition to the basic income of the applicant (military pension, real estate lease contract, remittances, income from entrepreneurial activity)
    • Certificate issued by the Public Services Agency confirming that the beneficiary owns, independently or jointly with the spouse, or the beneficiary's spouse owns independently, a dwelling, the area of which is less than the area of the dwelling purchased under the Program (as the case may be)
  • Documentele aferente imobilul procurat şi adus în garanţie:

    • Title deeds related to the real estate and the identity card of sellers
    • Valid excerpt issued by Public Services Agency
    • Sale and purchase pre-contract, from which the value of the transaction, the advance paid and the remaining payment difference follow
    • Proof of the advance payment (e.g. current account statement, deposit, Escrow or a relevant statement in the pre-contract)
    • Real estate valuation report, prepared by an independent valuer approved by Victoriabank


  • Interest rate – 7.38%,consisting of the NBM Reference Index (4.38%) + Fixed Margin of the Bank (3.00%)
  • File analysis fee – 0 MDL
  • Monthly credit administration fee - 0 MDL
  • Single credit issuance fee – 1% of the credit amount
  • Management fee due to the ODIMM – 0.25% applied to the credit balance

Example of calculation

For a credit worth 300,000.00 MDL contracted for a period of 8 years, with the interest rate of 7.38% standard, the monthly rate is 4,210.70 MDL. The effective annual interest rate (EAIR) is 8.20%. The total payment amount will be 404,435.12 MDL.