Deposit online

Open a deposit in VB24 and receive an interest rate bonus.

About online deposit

For several types of deposits made online in MDL, you can benefit from a bonus of up to 1% at the interest rate, and for deposits made in USD and EUR; the interest rate bonus is 0.1%.

The bonus offer is only valid when making deposits online, through VB24 Mobile and VB24 Web, for the following deposits:

See here Conditions for attracting deposits through VB24


We remind you that, from September 23, 2020, Victoriabank cardholders, users of online banking, benefit from new possibilities in the VB24 platform (VB24 Mobile, VB24 Web), as well as:

  • opening deposits at a better rate than at the bank counter
  • partial replenishment / withdrawal of money from the deposit account
  • opening current accounts
  • viewing the exchange rate at the foreign exchange operation

The deposit guarantee ceiling (the maximum amount payable) is MDL 100,000, to a depositor and per Bank.