Pensions and social payments card

The easiest way to receive pensions and allowances. Receive payments directly to the card, convenient and carefree.

About card

  • Card for customers who receive pensions and social payments
  • Available only in national currency (MDL)

How to get a Social card

What payments can you receive?

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Allowances for families with children

  • Single payment at birth
  • Maternity allowance
  • Child raising allowance


  • Old age pension
  • Disability pension
  • Pension for heir
  • Other categories of pensions

 Other allowances / compensations / state financial supports


  • Payment for products and services in worldwide commercial centers and on internet
  • Utilities payment through online banking VB24 Mobile and VB24 Web
  • Receiving money transfers from Moldova and from abroad
  • Withdrawal and deposit of cash through all Victoriabank ATMs (MDL/EUR/USD/RON)
  • Making P2P transfers without having Card Number of the Beneficiary, using Send to friend Service
  • Card supplying from any Visa or Mastercard cards issuing in the REPUBLIC of Moldova through top UP service



Free - account opening, initial issuing of the card and monthly maintenance

All rates