Xiaomi Pay

Fast, convenient and safe contactless payments on your fitness tracker, without taking your card or phone out of your pocket!

To use Xiaomi Pay you need:

  • To buy a Fitness tracker Mi Smart Band 6 NFC at your favorite store
  • A Mastercard card issued by Victoriabank

How to add your Mastercard to Xiaomi Pay

  • Download the Xiaomi Wear app from Google Play or Xiaomi Wear Lite app from App Store or open your Mi Fit app and activate your Mi account by choosing country name “Moldova”
  • In the tab "Profile" choose “log in” to your existing Mi account, or "Create an account" if you do not have one yet
  • In the tab “Devices” choose ”Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 6 NFC”
  • Open “Xiaomi Pay” tab in application and set a PIN code for payments through Xiaomi Pay

    *You will use this PIN every time you take off the bracelet, so please remember it

  • Enter your Mastercard card data
  • Accept Terms and Conditions and confirm authorization via SMS verification
  • Go shopping and enjoy fast, convenient and safe contactless payments with your Mi Smart Band 6 NFC and Mastercard

How to pay with Xiaomi Pay

  • Activate your fitness tracker by pressing touch button at the bottom of the screen

  • Swipe left to select NFC screen

  • Enter your off wrist PIN, if requested

  • Bring the bracelet closer to the POS terminal to finish the payment

How to withdraw cash at Victoriabank ATMs with Xiaomi Pay

  • If you do not have your card with you or you want to withdraw money faster at the ATM, then know that you can do it using the Fitness tracker Mi Smart Band 6 NFC.

    Go to any Contactless ATM, touch the bracelet to the ATM's NFC module highlighted by the "Contactless" sign and follow the steps on the ATM's screen until you get the money.

Terms and conditions of use

  • See here the terms and conditions of use of the Xiaomi Pay service.