top UP – funding card account via P2P

Do you have multiple cards? On one you probably get a salary, on another the allowance. Now you decide at which bank to keep your money!

About top UP 

With top UP you are free to choose. Funding your Victoriabank card in just a few steps.

The top UP service offers the possibility to easily and quickly credit the Victoriabank card from another card issued by the other banks of the Republic of Moldova, through the VB24 Mobile application, absolutely free.

  • 3D Secure transaction authentication
  • transfer from any Visa or Mastercard card issued from RM
  • top UP service is available in MDL, EUR, USD

For more details, access Service Guide.

To use the top UP service you need:

Victoriabank Top Up

Frequently asked questions

What is 3D Secure?

An international security standard to protect online payments and reduce bank card fraud. This standard requires additional authentication or providing a password whenever online payment is made with a card enrolled in  3D Secure.

How long does it take the money to be credited in the account?

Once the transaction is authenticated, the money arrives immediately in the card account. It's good to know that the first step of the transfer is processed by the issuing bank, according to its internal regulations, so the money can arrive immediately or with a delay. Do not worry! For any question we are at your disposal 24/7, contact us at the short number 1303 or at +373 (22) 21 03 03 (international call).

What commission do I pay for the top UP service?

We offer you the service absolutely free!

The issuing bank from which the cash transfer is initiated has the right to charge a fee for debiting card account. Victoriabank is not responsible for the amount and method of collecting the charges or for non-processing of the transfer by another bank.

Can I cancel the transaction?

If the transaction has been authenticated and passed successfully, it cannot be cancelled.

The transaction is rejected, what could be the reason?

  • There are insufficient funds on the card from which you initiate the transaction
  • The transfer limits of the issuing bank or the limits of the top UP service have been exceeded, consult the limits
  • The card data was entered incorrectly
  • The card has been blocked for security reasons