Send to friend

Now you can send money to a friend without asking their card number to make a transfer.

What does Send to friend service mean?

Do you want to send money to a friend, but have not asking their card number? Well, we found the solution - Send to friend.

Send to friend offers to Victoriabank cardholders possibility to send money through the VB24 Mobile application, when they do not have the beneficiary's card number.

The service is also accessible for cards of other banks, before making the transfer, ask the friend to whom you are sending the money from which bank his card is and consult bank rates to see the commission that will be applied.

For more details, access User Guide.

To use Send to friend service you only need:

  • A card from Victoriabank
  • Subscription to VB24 Mobile mobile app

Frequent questions

To whom can I send money through the Send to friend service?

To any friend, even if they do not have a Victoriabank card, but see  rates before you do a transfer. Plus, even if your friend does not have a card, know that, he can withdraw money at  Victoriabank ATMs  through the  Cash by Code service, based on the Cash by Code received from you.

How can I withdraw money at the ATM using the Cash by Code code?

Go to the Cash by Code User Guide to see how to withdraw money at Victoriabank ATMs using the Cash by Code received from the originator of the transfer.

Money can be released at the Victoriabank ATM only if the amount of the transfer is divisible by 50 and does not exceed 3,000 MDL (or it is equivalent in foreign currency).

How long is the Send to a Friend transfer valid for?

24 hours, during time you can request cancellation. If you do not cancel the transfer, know that, it will be active for 24 hours from the moment of generation, and amount of the operation will be blocked in the card account. The amount of the operation will be unlocked and accessible on the card account after 24 hours from the moment the transfer is generated.

Can I cancel the Send to friend transfer?

Yes, you can cancel it as long as the Beneficiary has not yet received the money. How do you do that? Acces the VB24 Mobile app, when accessing the card from which you made the transfer, from the "Actions" menu, select "Cancel Cash Code/S2F". Upon selecting option cancel in VB24 Mobile app, the money are unlocked and the amount will immediately become accessible on the card account.

Who will pay commission for the Send to friend transfer?

Who sends the money!

See rates to see the fees that apply:

  • if the Beneficiary receives the money on the card, the commissions and limits for the Send to friend service are similar to those for P2P
  • if the Beneficiary receives the money at the ATM using the Cash by Code that he will receive from you, fees for withdrawing money at Victoriabank ATMs will apply.

How secure is Send to friend service?

Firstly, we recommend that you send money only to trusted people! Secondly, be careful and do not give anyone access to VB24 Mobile app and the device you are using.