Update Client's Questionnaire


Why is it important to keep my personal data up to date?

Updating your personal data is a legal requirement for Know Your Customer procedures and is absolutely necessary in order to benefit efficiently and without interruptions from the full range of services provided by Victoriabank.

Thus, we offer you the opportunity to update your data not only in any branch of the bank, but also online, from anywhere in the world.

For information or ambiguity, call us for support from Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 17:30.

You can update your data online if you are a Victoriabank’s client and if you:

  • are 18 years old
  • are a resident of the RM
  • have a valid identity card
  • are not a politically exposed person (PEP)
  • have an active account with Victoriabank

To update your data online you need:

  • a device with camera* and internet connection
  • a valid original identity card
  • an access to a valid phone number or email address previously declared to the bank
  • 10-15 minutes of free time

* The success of the updating process directly depends on the quality of the camera.

You can update your data at any time, just be prepared that in case you do it out of working hours and in case of additional checks in accordance with the bank's internal policies, you can have your data processed in the bank's informational systems the next working day, about which you will be further notified.

What kind of personal data is it necessary to be updated?

A bank is obliged, in accordance with the legislation in force, to have an updated information about its customers:

  • Name, surname, date and place of birth
  • Identity card data
  • Registrationand actual residence addresses
  • E-mail address and phone number
  • Occupation
  • Purpose and nature of transactions, types of requested products, source of funds.

In which case is it necessary to update your personal data?

We recommend you to update your personal data if you:

  • have changed your name or surname
  • have made a new ID card (if the previous one is expired, was lost or any other reason)
  • have changed your registration/actual residence address
  • have changed your phone number or e-mail address
  • have changed your job/occupation
  • got an income from other sources than those previously declared to the bank
  • plan to perform other types of transactions than those previously declared to the bank
  • have an expired questionnaire or if it will expire soon, you will be notified by the bank via text message about the necessity of updating your data

What happens if I do not have my data updated?

The reasons why we ask you to update your data are legal regulations in the field of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as to ensure the security of transactions on your accounts and your protection in case we detect suspicious activity on them.

Thus, if you do not ensure that your personal data is up to date, we will restrict the transactions through your accounts until your personal data will be updated.

We therefore recommend you to use this great tool (if you are eligible) to update your data without having the need for visiting one of our bank’s branches.

However, if you are not able to update your data online, we will be happy to welcome you at any of Victoriabank’s branch, where our colleagues will provide you with all the necessary support on this subject.