Made for shopping, STAR credit cards can be used for shopping in stores or online.

Up to 150,000 MDL


About the Card

g Destination

personal consumer needs

k Credit term

up to 60 months

hCredit amount

Minimulm amount: 3,000 lei, maximum amount 150,000 lei

lGrace period 

up to 56 days


  • Up to 12 interest-free instalments
  • You receive a bonus of 10 STAR points (the equivalent of 10 MDL) after you first use the STAR card at merchants
  • Up to 20% of the value of purchases made in partner stores for terminal payment (POS) Victoribank: 
  • 0.25% of the value of purchases made on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and
  • 0.1% of the value of purchases made abroad
    • For each payment with STAR card, you accumulate points:

    • 1 point = 1 MDL


  • Floating Interest Rate 11,37%

    Composed of the NBM Reference Index (4.12%) and the Bank's Fixed Margin (7.25%)

  • Commission in the case of cash withdrawals from ATMs and Victoriabank POS - 2%
  • Transfer initiated through remote service channels - 2%
  • Initial card issuance - Free
  • Monthly service fee for credit card - 1.5 EUR *
    Free of charge until 31.12.2022 for cards issued between 01.12.2019 - 31.12.2022

 Rates for servicing bank credit card STAR Card

Calculation example

For a credit line in the amount of MDL 20,000 MDL, the monthly rate is a maximum of MDL 1000, and the maximum possible monthly interest is MDL 193.13 . In total, the maximum possible monthly payment is MDL 1,193.13 . APR (annual percentage rate) for the loan used in cash is 11.97%, and the total amount payable (loan amount + all related costs) is MDL 23610.41.

The calculations carried out may vary insignificantly due to the possibility of changing the actual number of days between maturities.