Made for shopping, STAR credit cards can be used for shopping in stores or online.

Up to 150,000 MDL


About the STAR Card

g Destination

personal consumer needs

k Credit term
60 months, repayment schedule for the last 24 months
hCredit amount

Minimulm amount: 5,000 lei, maximum amount 150,000 lei

lGrace period

up to 56 days

Benefits of STAR Card

  • Up to 12 interest-free instalments
  • You receive a bonus of 10 STAR points (the equivalent of 10 MDL) after you first use the STAR card at merchants
  • Up to 20% of the value of purchases made in partner stores for terminal payment (POS) Victoriabank: 
  • 0.25% of the value of purchases made on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and
  • 0.1% of the value of purchases made abroad
    • For each payment with STAR card, you accumulate points:

    • 1 point = 1 MDL

Costs of STAR Card

  • Floating Interest Rate 14,91%

    Composed of the NBM Reference Index (4,38%) and the Bank's Fixed Margin (10.53%)

  • Commission in the case of cash withdrawals from ATMs and Victoriabank POS - 2%
  • Transfer initiated through remote service channels - 2%
  • Initial card issuance - Free
  • Free the first year, starting with the second year – 100 MDL/year:

    • Starting from 01.05.2023 for new issued cards - fee will be payable starting from the second year, in the month in which was issued card;
    • Cards issued before 30.04.2023 - the fee will be paid in the month in which the card was opened, starting with 2024 year.
  • Untill 30/04/2023 to the Star Card will not apply the commission.

Calculation example

For a credit line in the amount of MDL 50,000 MDL, the monthly rate is a maximum of MDL 2.500, and the maximum possible monthly interest is MDL 631.43. In total, the maximum possible monthly payment is MDL 3,131.43. APR(annual percentage rate) for the loan used in cash is 17.90%, and the total amount payable (loan amount + all related costs) is MDL 63,203.66.

The calculations carried out may vary insignificantly due to the possibility of changing the actual number of days between maturities.