Perform banking transactions without the presence of the counter, directly from ATMs

With VB24 ATM you can

  • Withdraw money whenever you need, using your bank card
  • Withdraw money even without having the card with you, through Cash by Code
  • Supply the card at CASH-IN ATMs, even when you don't have the card with you, via Cash by Code
  • Change the card PIN

Cash withdrawal at the ATM

  • Withdraw cash 24/7 in MDL, USD, EUR and RON
  • You will find a vast network of ATMs located near you

See the list of ATMs here.

Supply the bank card at ATM - CASH-IN

  • Unlimited acces 24/7 in MDL, USD, EUR and RON
  • The money is instantly available on your bank card
  • Banknotes with a denomination of 1, 5 and 10 MDL are not accepted

More details about how to supply the card via ATM you can find here.