Happy Hour

For one hour, from 13:00 to 14:00!

About Happy Hour

Now you can benefit from the most advantageous online currency exchange - Happy Hour, from Monday to Friday, every working day!

How can you benefit from the offer?

Only for one hour and only through current accounts (not on card accounts), you exchange currency online, directly from VB24 (Web or Mobile), at the official exchange rates of the National Bank of Moldova for that day. The product is valid for all Victoriabank customers, individuals, users of the VB24 platform, who also have current accounts at Victoriabank, not only card accounts.

Currency conversions can be made in the following currencies: MDL, USD, EUR, RON. For one hour, from 13:00 until 14:00, currency conversions of up to (including) EUR 200 (or equivalent) can be made between the same person's current accounts with Victoriabank. If the cumulative amount exceeds the limit of EUR 200, the conversion will be made according to the Victoriabank exchange rate on that day.

You do not have a current account at Victoriabank?

Still don't have a current account or don't have one in the currency you'd like to convert to? You can open your current accounts very easily and in a few seconds, directly from the VB24 Mobile mobile application or the VB24 Web desktop version. To enjoy Happy Hour from Victoriabank, use the VB24 platform. You have zero administration costs and a lot of benefits.

The offer does not apply to exchanges made between card accounts, but only between current accounts.

Access steps

Access: VB24 (Mobile or Web) >> Payments and transfers  >> To me / currency exchange >> Happy Hour.