Visa Gold

Card witch offers insurance for clients traveling abroad and more other benefits


  • Insurance for clients traveling abroad
  • Hotel reservation and car rent
  • Free subscription to VB24 Web și VB24 Mobile
  • Payment for products and services in commercial centers all over the world and by internet
  • Receiving money transfers from Moldova and from abroad

Discounts and bonuses


Starting from 03.01.2023 BC "Victoriabank" S.A. does not issue the overseas medical insurance policy to card holders of Visa Gold cards. For card holders of current Visa Gold cards, to whom the insurance policy was issued until 03.01.2023, it will remain valid not later than 31.05.2023.

Scan the QR-code to access the Insurance Policy


Customer support 24/24

  • Non-stop customer support phone numbers: 1303 or 022-210303
  • International customer support from payment systems Visa Inc.


  • Opening and account management – free
  • The initial issuance of the card - 10 EUR
  • Monthly service card – 6,5 EUR
All rates