Credit Card

6 What is a "credit card"?

A credit card is a payment instrument by means of which you have access to a line of credit offered by the bank: overdraft or revolving.

6 What is an "overdraft"?

"Overdraft" is a reserve granted by the bank to individuals on the payroll card account that begins to be used when your own funds on your payroll card account expire.

Another advantage of the overdraft is that you pay the interest only for the credit used, and after you repay the amount used from the credit line, you can immediately use it again.

6 What is the advantage of revolving credit line?

The revolving line of credit is linked to the card account; any amount used can be refunded and then used again.

The grace period enables you to spend money on the card without paying any interest. The way in which the grace period applies depends on certain conditions set out in the credit agreement. If you pay the entire balance of the debt by the due date, then you will not pay the interest.

6 What is a ''STAR card''?

It is a shopping card with:

  • Revolving credit line with a grace period of up to 56 days
  • Credit in instalments with 0% interest
  • Loyalty program

6 What does the STAR card offer?

  • Payment in interest-free instalments through POS VB to merchants partners of the "STAR" Loyalty Program
  • Star points earned for each full payment to any merchant

6 Where can the STAR card be used?

  • anywhere in the world: on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and abroad
  • retail: real and online environment
  • cash: ATM, bank counters, transfers between accounts / cards through the VB24Mobile, VB24Web applications.

6 How can you get a STAR card?

To get a STAR card, apply online on the bank's website or obtain a STAR card at any Victoriabank branch with your ID card.

6 What does interest-free instalment payment mean?

With the "STAR" shopping card, you have up to 12 interest-free instalments in the network of "STAR" partner merchants. 

The number of instalments differs from one partner to another, depending on the specifics of the activity.

Payment in instalments can only be made at a Victoriabank POS, the number of instalments in which the payment was made will appear on the payment slip issued by the terminal.

Deposit the rate on the card on any of the 1-25 days of the month following the transaction and do not pay interest.

6 Who are the partner merchants?

Merchants who accept payment by card and who have concluded with B.C. Victoriabank S.A. an agreement to join the "STAR" Loyalty Program and the "STAR" Interest-free Fixed Rate Payment Program in order to offer "STAR card" cardholders the opportunity to buy in interest-free instalments and / or use "STAR" points for purchase of goods and services through Victoriabank POS terminals.

6 For which transactions do you earn STAR points and what is their value?

  • 10 points - B.C. Victoriabank S.A. grants for the first transaction made to merchants
  • 0.25% - of the value of each transaction made to all traders in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, including e-commerce
  • 0.1% - of the value of each transaction made to foreign traders
  • up to 20% of the value of purchases made from STAR partner merchants (the percentage is set with each merchant)

6 How do I know how many STAR points I have earned?

  • Through the application VB24Mobile, VB24Web
  • Through the account statement received by e-mail
  • By calling the 24/24 Call Centre service (022-21-02-02, 022-21-03-03)

6 Do I receive STAR points for payment in instalments?

If you choose to pay interest-free instalments, you will not receive STAR points for these transactions.

6 Where do I use my accumulated STAR points?

Only at the partner merchants, the payment of the purchase will be made with the accumulated STAR points, in advance announcing the seller.

6 Can I pay in instalments with zero interest from my own funds?

Payment in instalments with interest 0 is possible only from the available credit means.

6 Can I pay in instalments with zero interest on accumulated STAR points?

Payment in instalments with interest 0 is possible only from the available credit means.

6 When do I have to repay and how much of the credit used to pay off interest?

If, in addition to buying the product in instalments, you also spent other amounts on the card (ATM withdrawals, other full purchases) you must deposit the rate + what you spent in the previous month, between 1 and 25 of each current month.
If you do not deposit the full rate, you are required to deposit 5% of the amount used and interest will be calculated. Everything you deposit can be used immediately for other purchases.

You must repay at least 5% of the amount of credit used in the previous month, as well as interest on it between 1 and 25 of the current month.

6 For what transactions do I pay commissions?

For withdrawals at ATMs or at the bank counter you pay 2% of the amount withdrawn, including for transfers initiated between accounts through VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile.

6 What is the bank's income if it is not necessary to pay interest on a credit?

The bank's winning plan is transparent and simple: pay with the STAR card in the store - the store pays the bank a commission for each purchase made in instalments on the STAR card. Cardholders return the exact amount paid to the bank. This scheme is beneficial for everyone: stores receive clients, clients receive interest-free instalments, and the bank receives commission from merchants.

6 What does unsanctioned Overdraft mean?

The situation when you have in your card account various outstanding or own amounts, which will be recovered later, when you will have money available in your account.

6 What does "APR" (Annual Percentage Rate) mean?

APR (or Annual Percentage Rate) is found in percentage form and represents the total cost of a credit.