18 December 2020
Quality tableware with a unique design in 6 months by installments with STAR Card at Zestrea Misa

There are houses and apartments where you enter and feel a warm and pleasant atmosphere, a special entourage and a charming welcome. Do you want your home to be just as pleasant and memorable? STAR Card partner Zestrea Misa will help you. In their chain of stores you can find quality tableware with unique designs that will turn your holiday table into a fairytale.


In the period from December 18, 2020 to January 18, 2021, using the STAR Card, you can pay in installments, up to 6 payments without interest, for any purchases in the Zestrea Misa chain of stores, or pay the full amount and receive 10% STAR points.

Come to the Zestrea Misa with STAR Card and enjoy your taste with home decorations of a unique splendor!


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