Alături VB

Interest 12.00%

(MDL / 12 months / via VB24)


About deposit

k Term

up to 18 months

Special deposit for people over the age of 60, with an advantageous interest of up to 12.00%.

*The "Alături VB” deposit can be set up between March 15 2022 - June 30 2022

Interest rate

Online in VB24
12 months


  • Fixed rate
  • Minimum account balance - 1000 MDL
  • Additional payments are not allowed
  • Partial withdrawals are not allowed
  • Periodicity of interest payment - monthly, on current / card account
  • The possibility to open the “Alături VB” deposit both at the counter and online
  • 0.5% interest rate bonus for open online deposits, through VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile

Early termination of the contract

  • Upon early termination of the deposit, the interest is recalculated at the rate of 0% for the entire period of the contract


Deposits are guaranteed in accordance with the Law 575-XV of 26.12.2003 about guaranteeing deposits of physical persons in bank system.