How do you convert savings into investments

6 What to do with excess money?

Sometimes we spend less money than we earn and we have to decide what to do with the savings. There are three options to choose: save money at home, carry it in your wallet or keep it in the bank. Money that we keep at home or in our wallet is easy to lose and does not give us any extra income.

If we keep our money in the bank, it pays us interest for this and all the savings accounts are secured by the government in accordance with the Deposit Guarantee Law № 575-XV of December 26, 2003. That is why it is more rational to invest savings than to keep them under a mattress.

6 Benefits

  • Money kept in the bank is insured by the State;
  • Money kept in the bank brings interest;
  • Money kept in the bank disciplines us.

Money, we keep at home, is negatively affected by inflation and we are always tempted to spend more than we should while carrying money in our wallet.