Victoriabank interns

Alexandru Moraru

Aarhus University, Denmark


„My internship helped to discover the banking mechanism from a completely different point of view, gaining a lot of experience that I am sure I will apply in the future. While working in the Cards and Individuals Division within Branch no. 03 Chisinau, I watched the bank's employees consider customer service as their priority and solve and attend individually to any customer issue.

In addition, Victoriabank offers flexibility during the internship, which is expressed by the possibility to transfer to different divisions of the branch where you are to discover the work of different areas of the bank. I was pleasantly impressed by the bank's team, which offered me support and guidance throughout the internship to gain the necessary experience.

Many details are unseen by the bank's customers, details that ensure the highest level of services offered by the bank, the enormous mechanism of the bank that works continuously due to the entire team, high and transparent standards that are always respected. I recommend to students who need an internship to apply to Victoriabank without hesitation.

The knowledge gained here will help you to develop both professionally and personally, especially if you are not sure in which field you want to start your career after graduation, an internship will help you understand it better. In addition, being a student in Denmark, I do not hesitate to urge colleagues from abroad to take advantage of such an opportunity to practice at home in the Republic of Moldova", Alexandru says.

Ghertescu Claudia

University of Craiova, Romania’


"I chose an optional summer internship at Victoriabank – part of the Banca Transilvania Group, because I want a professional career in banking. Moreover, I study in Romania, and Banca Transilvania is the largest bank in South-Eastern Europe in terms of profit and assets and more. It is the bank that claims that "banking is about people and trust" and it is a slogan that attracted me 😃

The activities I carried out during the internship were a proper time experience for me and helped me, in particular, to develop skills based on the knowledge gained in college.

I managed to get a lot of useful information, a clearer vision of the chosen field and how things work from a practical point of view.

Regarding the collaboration with the bank's employees, everything went smoothly because I was in a friendly communication. I believe that internships play a key role in our training as future economists, so I urge students pursuing their studies in economics to apply to such an internship without hesitation.

So, I am positively impressed about the experience gained at Victoriabank because it is the bank that offers innovative solutions to customers and has a team of field devoted professionals."

Chistrea Mihaela

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


"The internship carried out within Victoriabank – part of the Banca Transilvania Group, Branch no. 3 Chisinau, was a beautiful experience for me, after which I acquired new information, I discovered what teamwork means in a banking environment.

I discovered a positive and energetic team that has a great team spirit and patience, as they helped me to integrate very quickly in the team. I managed to learn a lot of things and information that will surely be useful to me in the near future.

During the internship, we used direct communication to discuss with clients and identify their needs, to provide them with all the necessary support.

I am glad that my choice for the internship was in favor of Victoriabank, because it is the first commercial bank in the Republic of Moldova, which offers all types of financial services for individuals and legal entities. This financial institution is managed by a strong team, approaching the international experience in the banking system (since 2018 – part of the largest Financial Group in Romania – Banca Transilvania) with a quality customer service.

From my point of view, internship is the first step in my career and I can surely state that I will remember these beautiful moments with pleasure😃".