Banca Transilvania interns

Banca Transilvania offers internships for children / students of Victoriabank employees, who will have the opportunity to learn banking – theory and practice – from the Bank of Transilvania team, within the branches, agencies or Banca Transilvania Headquarters.

It is an opportunity for students and master students pursuing their studies in economics, IT, marketing and more.

Valeria Castravet

Babes-Bolyai University/Digital Media Specialization/Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences


In the winter of 2019, I participated in my first internship at Banca Transilvania – Internship BT Journey. I really enjoyed getting to know the largest bank in Romania and South-Western Europe from the inside.

After a week of meeting employees from various departments and branches of the bank, I was assigned to the Retail Projects Development and Management department. Here we met Anca Daianu and Madalina Rogobete, who took care of us and guided us during the two weeks of internship. I learnt what each employee of the department mainly did.

I was inspired by the complexity and total lack of monotony in that division. Every day at BT was exciting because every day a new task or issue arises, which requires finding, planning and implementing solutions. From this point of view, being eager to help your colleagues is certainly very helpful.

"I had a pleasant experience and I acquired new knowledge as a result, I discovered skills that I did not even think I possessed, I met people worthy of admiration, who taught me plenty of useful things. Among strengths of the internship I can mention the open and friendly environment, the flexibility and the vast experience of the BT team, which increased my chances to acquire new knowledge and skills.

I learned a lot about: debit and credit cards (especially Star Card), ATMs and Recyclers, BT card data analysis, about risk cards and much more. I even attended a unique meeting in which Anca came up with ideas for implementing the new product. I was pleasantly surprised that each employee can come up with an idea and implement it, subject to prior consent of their superiors, of course. During this internship I learned many new things, such as that there are non-nominal cards, with the number of the car, for road transport companies or that it is possible to reimburse VAT for some payments made abroad with business cards, due to the partnership with Tax Back International.

Due to this internship experience, I understood that I would like to be part of the BT team. Certainly all the knowledge gained there will be useful to me regardless of the field I will choose in future.

I am grateful to the organizers for this exceptional opportunity. I would very much like to have the opportunity to return there.


VictoriaBank VictoriaBank

Pisaru Mihaela

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, Banks and Financial Markets Specialization


„Between 02.12.2019 – 20.12.2019 I had the opportunity to conduct the internship at the largest bank in Romania, Banca Transilvania branch in Iasi. By this internship we benefited from a number of advantages: interaction with professionals in the field, the opportunity to participate in training and theoretical and practical learning sessions, working in competitive teams and results orientation.

During the internship period I had the opportunity to watch how information accumulated during the years of study in college was applied in practice. At the same time, I learnt the importance of a favorable, welcoming and harmonious working environment. The fact that most of the BT staff was young made me feel more comfortable and helped me adapt much easier to the work environment.

This experience helped me meet new people and also develop the ability to communicate with a company’s staff and adapt to an organized work group. The internship helped me accumulate new knowledge related to banking, get acquainted with the business environment and observe the techniques and tools of promotion and customer attraction. I also had the opportunity to develop my organizational capacity as the workload in a bank unit is very consistent, and the activities must be well organized.

Therefore, the internship at Banca Transilvania was beneficial for my personal and professional development. From a professional point of view: I observed and analyzed the way of carrying out the activities in the economic environment, I developed my organizational and analytical skills.

On the other hand, from a personal point of view, I developed my skills of communication, adapting to a group and self-confidence. I really appreciated the receptivity of the unit to accept students for internships and the ease with which the bank's staff coordinated those internships. I would like to specify that I was greeted enthusiastically by the bank's employees who treated me as a responsible person, as a future colleague and who were happy to answer my questions and give me certain tasks to get started in the secrets of banking."