Victoriabank Forest 1.0 (internal event)

We want to make the world a more beautiful and better place. For this reason, we set out to plant the first Victoriabank forest.

On the last weekend of March, just on the eve of Earth Hour, Victoriabank afforested an area in Budesti commune with 1,100 seedlings of various species. Over 400 employees of Victoriabank, their relatives and friends, but also employees of other companies such as: BT Leasing Moldova and planted, shoulder to shoulder, with the support of the nuts, lindens, cherries, ashes and olives.

"First of all, this is an initiative to hold our employees and the society in which we live accountable. It is important to be responsible when consuming paper, water, electricity, to think about how hard these trees grow and how difficult it is to participate in a project in which you have to make the effort yourself to make things” green". We believe that our participation in the campaign of creating the first Victoriabank forest will be an incentive for others to follow our example and we will have as many trees as possible per capita in Moldova. The name of the park is borrowed from the practice of our shareholder Banca Transilvania in Romania. Their project is already 5 years old, so they have reached the Transylvania Forest 5.0 version. We are at the first experience, so it is forest 1.0. Congratulations to for what they have done so far for greening and afforestation. We were very pleased that they agreed to join us in this partnership" – Bogdan Plesuvescu, CEO of Victoriabank, said.

All the people participating in the planting of Victoriabank Forest were satisfied that they could contribute to the greening of the Budesti region, which will not be the only area forested by the "First Bank of Moldova". Now, there will a forest grow where they used to throw waste! The initiative launched by the bank is part of the series of actions, organized by Victoriabank, to contribute to the protection of the natural environment and the encouragement of volunteering.


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Victoriabank started the spring recruitment at the 2019 Career Fair (external event)

Victoriabank participated in the 15th edition of the Career Fair on April 12 and 13, 2019, and all those who thought about a career in banking had the opportunity to visit us and interact with the members of the human resources team within the bank and to know in detail the opportunities and benefits offered by the bank for a successful career start.

Victoriabank, part of Banca Transilvania Financial Group, presented to the candidates various professional employment opportunities both at the entry-level category and the intermediate and advanced level. During the event, over 200 CVs of the candidates were collected and interviews were established.

Those who failed to visit us at the Career Fair, can see the job vacancies in the Careers section, as well as on our social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. Career Fair, can see the job vacancies in the Careers section  Facebook and Linkedin.


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Victoriabank started the spring recruitment at the 2019 Career Fair

At the 16th edition of the Career Fair this fall, we discovered many new talents.

Victoriabank, presented to the candidates employment opportunities in the fields of: loan granting, IT, customer service, risks, AML, etc.

Visitors to our stand were able to interact and get to know the Victoriabank team, and in addition to the job offers, they received an information flyer with a sample card, which can be exchanged for a free card at the bank's units. In just 2 days, during the event, over 200 applications for the promotional card and over 150 CVs were received😃.


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Victoriabank at the Career Days within the Center of Excellence in Economics and Finance 2019

Victoriabank participated in the annual edition of CAREER DAYS organized by the Center of Excellence in Economics. The young graduates, who are thinking about a career in banking, had the opportunity to interact with the bank's human resources team and get to know better the opportunities and benefits offered by the bank for a successful career start.

At the same time, our colleague, Diana Pranitchi – Regional Director, Network Department talked about the quality and professional service within the bank, effective communication techniques, ways to respond to customer complaints as a tool to improve the quality of service and about quality in corporate terms as a long-term investment, etc.

Since January 2018, Victoriabank has entered a completely new stage: Banca Transilvania Financial Group has become a shareholder and partner of the EBRD. Banca Transilvania aims to replicate the business model at Victoriabank with the help of the teams of the two banks.


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