15 August 2022
XIAOMI PAY GOES LIVE IN MOLDOVA: Victoriabank and Mastercard launch contactless payments with fitness bracelets

Victoriabank and Mastercard have launched a new digital service for its customers - Xiaomi Payfor the first time in the Republic of Moldova. From now on, bank clients can add their Mastercard cards into Xiaomi Pay digital wallet and make contactless payments with the Mi Smart Band 6 NFC bracelet from Xiaomi.

“I am extremely happy to announce for the first time for Moldova a new digital service implemented together with Mastercard - Xiaomi Pay. During the last 4 years, through the efforts of Victoriabank, we have registered several firsts in the field of digital payments in the Republic of Moldova. We were the first and, for now, the only ones who can afford to have Victoriabank pay with their Android phone through VB24 Pay! We were the first to launch Garmin Pay in Moldova in 2019. We were in the first wave of ApplePay launch in Moldova in 2022. Today, we are announcing this beautiful collaboration with Mastercard and Xiaomi, one of the world's largest smart device manufacturers” - says Bogdan Pleșuvescu, President of the Steering Committee of Victoriabank.

Commenting on the launch of Xiaomi Pay Bogdan Pleșuvescu underlined the benefits of contactless payments which are safe, fast and can be made almost anywhere across the country: ”With the new contactless payment service we expand the range of digital wallets and come to the aid of our customers, who especially lead an active lifestyle and want to benefit from the most modern payment options, including the ones that not require the physical presence of the card. So, we encourage our customers to enroll their cards, in order to benefit from the freedom, comfort and full security of virtual wallets”.

How to set up payments with Mi Smart Band 6 NFC?

  • Install Xiaomi Wear (Android) or Xiaomi Wear Lite (iOS) mobile app, log in through your Mi Account (or register a new one) and select "Moldova" region.
  • On the "Devices" tab, select "Mi Smart Band 6 Fitness Bracelet" and turn it on.
  • Set the PIN code.
  • Go to the "Xiaomi Pay" tab, fill in your Mastercard card details and confirm the authorization via SMS messages to complete the activation.

How to pay with a Mi Smart Band 6 NFC?

  • Activate your band by tapping on the screen.
  • Go to the cards section by simply swiping from the home screen to the left.
  • Tap the arrow, activating the payment card. Enter your PIN code if necessary.
  • To pay, simply hold your wristband up to the payment terminal.
  • Once activated, the card will remain active for 60 seconds or until payment is made.

More details about Xiaomi Pay: link.

"As consumers seek more choice and flexibility in how they use their money, Mastercard`s mission is to provide them with a wide range of payment solutions. Wristband can be a very convenient payment tool for all those with active lifestyle: you don't need to look for your card or take out your phone, while each transaction with NFC-enabled smart band is reliably secured. Owing to the Mastercard digital platform, card details are not transmitted during payment, instead, they are replaced with a unique digital code - a token, making every payment secure. We congratulate Victoriabank with the new innovative launch and hope that Mi Smart Band 6 NFC bracelet will become a popular accessory and payment device among residents of Moldova”, notes Irina Untila, Director of the Mastercard office in the Republic of Moldova.

With the launch of the Xiaomi Pay service, Victoriabank additionally launches a new promotion, offering a chance to win Mi Smart Band 6 NFC fitness bracelets. Make purchases of 300 lei and more with any Mastercard card issued by Victoriabank, and participate in a weekly draw of 2 Mi Smart Band 6 NFC bracelets.