23 August 2022
Victoriabank brings Google Pay™ to its customers

Tap and pay with your Android phone or your WearOS devices – a faster, easier and safer way to pay!

As of today, August 23, 2022, Victoriabank cardholders who use an Android or WearOS device can now make fast and secure payments through Google Pay.

No more fumbling through your wallet or bag to find your card. It's all on your phone! Google Pay offers you total protection and convenience when you shop anywhere contactless payments are accepted, be it in stores, apps, or websites.

To get started with Google Pay, unlock your phone, hold it near the terminal, and look for the check mark. You can use Google Pay anywhere you see the contactless sign, including stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Along with physical payments, Google Pay allows you to make online and in-app purchases quickly and easily. There is no more need to fill out long forms or manually input your card data. With Google Pay, you can easily and securely shop online and pay for tickets and other items.

Users will be able to store Victoriabank credit or debit cards for Google Pay within Google Wallet™, a digital wallet that is also launching in Moldova today and that is available in Google Play Store.

Google Pay is very easy to set up. Open Google Wallet on your phone, tap "Add to Wallet" and follow the instructions to add your Victoriabank cards to your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or other Android or WearOS devices.

With Google Pay and Google Wallet, you are guaranteed security, confidentiality, and easy to use!

Google Wallet is safer than plastic cards, built with multiple security layers. Every time you make a contactless payment through Google Pay, a virtual card number (a token) replaces your card data. You never share your real card data with third parties since the token changes with each payment.

Find out more details about Google Pay and Google Wallet, on the link.