8 July 2021
Victoriabank SMS Notifications: Sign up online

Do you have a Victoriabank card and want to be notified whenever you make or receive a transaction?

At Victoriabank, you can now sign up for SMS Notifications directly from your computer, online, without making additional trips to the bank or looking for an ATM.

How do I sign up for SMS Notifications?

- You can do it online. Simply click on the link and enter the requested information.

- At the nearest Victoriabank ATM.

For details and steps on how to sign up, refer to the user guide

 When wiil I receive SMS Notifications?

At each entry or exit of money from the account (account replenishment, transfer received or made to the card, payment to the merchant, e-payments or transaction made through online banking - VB24). 

What subscription options do I have?

The SMS notification service is available in four subscription options: 10, 20, 30 or unlimited SMS.

Check out the prices here

What information does SMS Notification provide?

The notification message from the bank contains information about the transaction, such as:

- The card number used to perform the operation

- Transaction time and date

- Amount of transaction

- Trader's name and the balance remaining in the account following the transaction.