30 April 2021
Travel comfortably and safely with Mastercard from Victoriabank

Mastercard launches a new service for premium cardholders - PCR testing for COVID-19 at the Alfa Diagnostica medical laboratory.

The service is only available to premium cardholders: Platinum Mastercard® and World Elite Mastercard®, issued by Victoriabank. Premium customers can benefit for FREE from PCR testing for COVID-19 in one of the Alfa Diagnostica laboratories, when they come to Moldova, to avoid self-isolation or if they want to travel to countries that require a PCR test. To perform the free test you need to confirm the trip.

To use the service you need to:

  • Book in advance the date, time and laboratory where you will take the test, using the Concierge service from Mastercard or by online registration available on alfalab.md
  • Submit the card and enter the PIN code at the terminal in the Alfa Diagnostica lab.

The test result can be obtained within 1 day at the e-mail address or contact any branch of the laboratory for the original certificate.

The promotion is valid between 22.04.2021 - 31.12.2021 inclusive. For more details, visit the mastercard.md page.