24 May 2019
The results of the General Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of B.C. „VICTORIABANK” S.A. from 24.05.2019

The Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of B.C. „Victoriabank” S.A. took place on May 24, 2019, at the International Business Centre „Le Roi” (situated at the address: mun. Chisinau, Sfatul Țării  street, no. 29), with the presence of shareholders. At the meeting participated shareholders and their representatives holding 97.78% of the total number of shares with voting rights issued by the bank.


The following item from the agenda of the Meeting was voted upon:

1.      Election of a new Board of Directors of B.C. „Victoriabank” SA;


By cumulative vote, the shareholders elected a new composition of the Board of Directors of B.C. "Victoriabank" S.A., composed of the following members:


  1. Thomas Grasse, non-executive independent member of the Board of Directors of Banca Transilvania S.A., Romania;
  2. Peter Franklin, non-executive director of Meritum Bank, Poland; Tam Faktoring and Hayat Varlik, Turkey;
  3.  Murat Sabaz, General Manager Financial resources Monitoring and Supervision, Yıldız Holding A.Ş.  İstanbul, Turkey;
  4. Tiberiu Moisa, Deputy General Director – MidCorporate and SMEs, Banca Transilvania S.A., Romania;
  5. Maris Macinskis, member of non Executive Board of Kool Latvia, Riga, Latvia;
  6. Igor Spoiala, Deputy Director ÎM „Roofart” SRL;
  7. Victor Turcan, founder of B.C. „VICTORIABANK” S.A., shareholder with a 10.45% share.


As 5 of the 7 new elected members already have the approval of the National Bank of Moldova, and will ensure the quorum of the meetings, the powers of the Board of Directors elected at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 30.03.2018 cease May 24, 2019 - the day of announcement of the decision of the general shareholders' meeting regarding the election of the new Board of Directors of BC "Victoriabank" S.A.

The newly elected members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Peter Franklin and Mr. Maris Macinskis, will carry out their functions after approval by the NBM.