Motor Vehicles Insurance Policy CASCO

CASCO is an optional motor vehicles insurance that covers damage to your OWN motor vehicle.

Motor Vehicles Insurance Policy CASCO

CASCO is an optional motor insurance that covers damage to your OWN motor vehicle. So, if the ICI policy compensates for damage caused to third parties, then CASCO compensates the INSURED, regardless of who is responsible for the accident.

CASCO covers damage caused by accidents, malicious acts of third parties, natural disasters and also theft of the motor vehicle, its parts or components. This insurance is a perfect complement to compulsory civil liability insurance for motor vehicles, but cannot replace internal compulsory insurance (RCA).

What do we insure?

For the conclusion of motor vehicles insurance policies CASCO, the object of insurance (type and year of manufacture of the motor vehicle) is determined and the following risks are insured:

  • Damage of motor vehicles, caused by: accidents in road traffic, impacts, bumps, rollovers, scrapes, collisions with motor vehicles and/or movable or immovable bodies outside the insured motor vehicle, falls of the motor vehicle, falling of bodies on the insured motor vehicle, skidding of the motor vehicle
  • Damage of motor vehicles caused by: heavy rain, hail, flood, storm, hurricane, lightning, earthquake, landslide, snow avalanches, damage due to the weight of the snow or ice cover, mechanical action of flowing water or objects carried by water, water covering the place where the insured motor vehicle is parked or stationed
  • Damage of motor vehicles caused by: fire, damage caused by smouldering, staining, charring or other damages as a result of fire
  • Damage of motor vehicles caused by: explosion or lightning produced at a distance from the insured motor vehicle, if the explosion or lightning was the cause of the
  • Theft of the motor vehicles or their component parts, additional equipment, permanent constructive modifications or any part thereof, as well as damage caused as a result of theft or attempted theft, with the exception of motor vehicles registered abroad
  • Unlawful acts of third parties
  • Expenses related to limiting the damage caused to the motor vehicle as a result of measures taken during the insured event to rescue the motor vehicle or mitigate the effects of the insured risk within the limit of the insured amount
  • Expenses for transporting the motor vehicle, if it cannot be moved under its own power, from the place where the insured event occurred to the nearest repair workshop able to carry out the repair or to the parking place - within the limit of the transport tariffs charged by specialised firms, but not more than 1% of the insured amount - and only within the limit of the insured amount
  • Fire or explosion resulting from the transport of dangerous or combustible substances only by motor vehicles specialised for this purpose, equipped and authorised in accordance with the law.

Documents required to be submitted for the issuance of the insurance policy CASCO

  • The sale-purchase contract and/or the tax invoice confirming the purchase of the motor vehicle
  • The registration certificate of the motor vehicle taken out for insurance
  • Driving licence and identity card of the insured and of the persons authorised to drive the insured motor vehicle
  • Photos

Action taken in the event of the case occurance

In case of destruction, damage, disappearance or deterioration of the motor vehicle, the client (insured) is bound, within 2 working days, to inform the insurance company with which the insurance contract has been concluded (by written request, fax, e-mail, telephone) about the occurrence of the insured event and to submit to the Insurer, within 3 (three) working days, for examination the damaged motor vehicle, additional equipment and their remains (until repair) and to coordinate with the Insurer subsequent actions for the settlement of the damage.

The examination of the motor vehicle shall be carried out immediately upon presentation of the motor vehicle and a report shall be drawn up indicating the existing defects. The report of damage confirmation shall be signed by the Insured or his/her legal representative and the Insurer through his/her representative. Failure by the Insured to comply with the provisions of this paragraph shall entail the refusal of the Insurer to pay the insurance indemnity.