Health Insurance Policy for Travelling Abroad

Health insurance for travelling abroad is an absolute necessity for trips abroad. Whether it's a family trip, a business trip or working abroad, health insurance for travelling is recommended for everyone.

Health Insurance policy for Travelling Abroad

Under this policy, the insurer pays for medical or repatriation expenses following the insured's accident or illness during the stay abroad, and the assistance centre mediates and coordinates the relationship between the client and the hospital.

What do we cover?

In order to draw up health insurance policies for travelling abroad, the following insurance risks are determined and insured:

  • outpatient treatment or hospitalisation in the case of:
    a) sudden acute illness, a condition that occurs unexpectedly during the period of the insurance policy and requires emergency medical attention
    b) bodily injury and impairment of health following an accident.
  • the occurrence of surgery (only in an emergency)
  • the transport costs
  • the medicines prescribed by an approved doctor
  • the emergency dental treatment (up to EUR 500)
  • the services of a lawyer and/or translator if necessary (up to EUR 800)
  • the repatriation
  • the compensation of the insured's expenses up to EUR 1000 in connection with the cancellation of the trip for the following reasons:
    a) injury, sudden illness requiring unforeseen hospitalisation at the time of travel, and the death of the insured or members of his/her family
    b) damage caused to the insured's goods
    c) unforeseen legal proceedings

The most important factors in determining the price of an insurance policy

  • the period for which the insurance is concluded (this can be between 1 day and one year)
  • the insured amount (between EUR 10 000 and EUR 60 000 depending on the travel zone)
  • region (CIS, EUROPE, worldwide) or country of destination (at the client's insistence)
  • individual or family insurance programme (maximum 2 adults and up to 5 children up to 16 years)
  • age - for senior citizens an increased rate applies

Period of insurance

Health insurance can be concluded by any person who is temporarily travelling abroad and residing in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The insurance period can be from one day to one year.

The insurance contract is not valid in the country in which the insured has a residence visa and/or whose nationality he/she holds.

Action taken in the event of an incident

If one of the insured events occurs, the first thing to do is for the client/insured to contact the assistance centre on the telephone number marked with red colour on the insurance policy and explain the circumstances of the accident or illness. The assistance centre will direct the insured to the nearest hospital or authorised health institution that can help in the case presented, or if he/she has already consulted a doctor, to contact the assistance centre as soon as possible to report the case. Once the case has been reported to the assistance centre, the client's health costs will be covered by the assistance centre. If the client bears any of the costs by himself/herself, they will be reimbursed on the basis of cheques, prescriptions and the diagnosis issued by the doctor and subsequently submitted to the Insurer on return to the Republic of Moldova. The client will have to submit the necessary documents to the offices of the Insurance Company within 30 days of his/her return to the country.