Accident Insurance Policy


Accident is an unforeseen event, which is beyond the control of the Insured (client), has an external influence on the body, is of mechanical or chemical origin, causing injury or death.

Accident Insurance Policy

Accident insurance is a secure mean of financial protection for the insured and his or her relatives in the event of unforeseen health-related situations, in particular where there is trauma, medical intervention or loss of working capacity, occurring independently of the insured's will, with a spontaneous and external mechanical or chemical effect on his or her body and resulting in bodily injury, disability or death.

What do we insure?

For the purpose of drawing up accident insurance policies, the risk class (occupation of the client/insured) is determined and the following are insured:

  • Permanent disability - the insured's physical or mental capacity is affected on a long-term basis as a result of an accident (basic risk)
  • Death due to an accident (basic risk)
  • Trauma - deregulation of the anatomical and/or physiological integrity of the functions of tissues and organs as a result of an accident, confirmed by the specialist according to clinical criteria and specific instruments (additional risk)
  • Fractures, Hospitalisation allowance, Accident expenses (additional risk)

Product features

  • The insurance can be concluded for a period of one calendar year  or for a period of less than one year, but not less than one month
  • The insurance premium  is determined according to the insured's occupation or profession
  • Insured -a natural person aged between 1 and 15 years for children and between 16 and 75 years for adults (citizens and residents of the Republic of Moldova)
  • Restrictions - persons who suffer or have suffered from serious diseases or infirmities (heart and blood vessel diseases, sciatica, diabetes, malignant and nerve tumours) surgeries, can be insured only under special conditions
  • It is not insured  - persons who are unfit for work for life or suffer from serious nervous diseases, as well as the mentally ill persons.

The insurance policy is concluded on presentation of the Insured's identity card

Actions on the occurrence of the insured event

  • In the event of an accident (injury), the client/insured or his/her relatives must notify within a maximum of 10 days about the case in writing, by telephone, electronically or by applying to the insurance company with which the insurance contract was concluded.
  • In the event of death the insurance company must be notified in any way possible within 24 hours by the relatives, even if the accident was previously notified.
The insurance company will pay the indemnity only after presentation of the necessary documents by the client/relatives depending on the case and the insured risk and after completion of the expert's investigations within 2 weeks.