4 JULY 2023
The program of the Causeni division nr. 5 on July 12, 2023

Dear customers,

We inform you that, on July 12, 2023, in connection with the celebration of the religious holiday of the locality, the Division no. 5 Causeni  will be closed. Tuesday, July 11, 2023, Victoriabank division, will operate according to the reduced schedule between 8:30 and 15:15.

To ensure the convenience of your service, we invite you to use the following alternative channels:

  • Online platform VB24 Web and mobile application VB24 Mobile (currency exchange, online deposit, payment of invoices, transfers between own accounts or to other persons, organizations, payments to microfinance companies, card management and transaction limits, etc.)
  • VB24 ATM (cash withdrawal, cash on account at Cash-In ATMs, payment of invoices, Cash by Code, etc.)