1 MARCH 2022
Announcement for the Ukrainian citizens on the currency exchange rate at the official rate of the NBM

Victoriabank continues the series of urgent measures to support the citizens of Ukraine, who arrived on the territory of Moldova.

Victoriabank has made considerable efforts and has purchased over 12 million hryvnia (almost 7 million lei) from about 1,000 Ukrainian citizens in the last few days. The currency exchange was carried out exclusively at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Moldova.

Given that these measures have created a very high demand, Victoriabank has decided to provide the possibility for as many Ukrainians as possible to exchange hryvnia for lei at the official NBM exchange rate. Thus, from March 1, 2022, a limit of 2000 lei per person is established in exchange for hryvnia in lei at the NBM exchange rate. In order to benefit from the currency exchange transaction, Ukrainian citizens are asked to present their Ukrainian passport.

We come back with new information about all the measures undertaken.