VB24 Business


We have good news! New features available

  • Increasing the limit for uploading documents in VB24 Business up to 5 MB
  • Extending the transmission time (until 21:00) of salary files and VB Lunch meal vouchers, including on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Opening a new business bank account in available currencies
  • Now you can view and update your data through new functionality - KYC Online
  • Intra-bank payments in MDL, VB card replenishment and currency conversions 24/24
  • Login with OTP. Now you can log in by sending the OTP (one time password) to the national and international mobile phone number. In case of login with OTP you can view your account balance and statements
  • Credit management. You can now administrate (view credit information: due date, amount, balance, repayment schedule, etc.) and manage loans (advance payment and refund)
  • Unlock user in VB24 Business system. Now unlocking the user easier, we send you the link to unlock the user on your email address
  • Transmission of templates. You can now pass Templates from one user to another in VB24 Busines
  • View "Overdraft Balance". You can now view the amount available from the Overdraft Credit
  • Increase the size of the field no. 72 "Other data" up to 210 characters in SWIFT payment order. Now you can enter complete information about the purpose of the currency payment

What operations can you perform with VB24 Business?

  • Payments in national and foreign currency
  • Payments to card account
  • Send documents related to foreign exchange payments
  • Supply and withdrawal from deposit accounts
  • Currency conversion operations
  • Online processing of VB Lunch salary files and meal tickets VB Lunch
  • Generate online statement
  • View account status
  • Obtain bank statements, confirmed by the bank's electronic signature

You have the following options for using VB24 Business

Free informational access

  • View transaction history, account status, generate the statement online

Paid transactional access  

  • Perform operations through the platform (transfers, account supply, etc.), generate the statement online

A wide range of operations with a single click

  • Generate the online statement for any period of maximum 1 month, daily turnover and balance at the end of the day
  • Possibility to view the preliminary statement and the blocked amounts
  • Obtain and send salary project and VB Lunch meal tickets files
  • Place the cash pre-order
  • Supply and withdraw from deposit accounts
  • Sending documents and receiving responses via the API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Recognition of EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) XML format for payment orders
  • Notification in case of need to present confirmative documents for payments that pass AML control
  • Receive online statement via API
  • Supply the card account online, the money will instantly reach the card account
  • Uploading and sending to M-Pay the list of the company's employees, who have expressed their agreement to receive the temporary incapacity for work allowance, directly on the cards issued by Victoriabank
  • Create, manage and close a Deposit account with standard conditions. It is also available to view the lists of deposit contracts and obtain the extract
  • Business card online account statement. You can now view the available amount and the list of transactions in the process of processing
  • POS-terminal statement. Now you can view the operations performed through the POS-terminal
  • Pay MPay services quickly and easily. Now you can pay the invoice generated through MPay in VB24 Business
  • Reconciliation - service for customers who cash-collection contracts. You can now view and obtain explicit statements regarding cash collected under this contract

Instructions for accessing and using VB24 Business

 Step 1.  Complete the Request for access to the VB24 Business system

 Step 2.  When you first access VB24 Business, configure the system according to the Instructions for system configuration

 Step 3. 

Step 4. Access VB24 Business


System user’s guide

Generation of accounts statement

Creation and editing of payroll lists