Online cards acceptance service

What is E-commerce?

  • E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) - represents all financial and commercial transactions made through computer networks, as well as processes related to business activity and execution of such operations.

What do we offer?

  • Competitive E-commerce commissions on the market in the Republic of Moldova
  • All contract terms are discussed individually

Benefits of E-commerce service

  • The protection is ensured by integration of Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode security systems, as well as by additional anti-fraud filters
  • Specialized technical assistance offered by the Bank during site configuration for accepting online card payments
  • Receiving payments for the products and services offered by the company via Visa and Mastercard cards 24/24
  • Attracting new customers who prefer making online payments
  • No physical trading point for offering products and services
  • Reduction of company’s spending for money operations

Terms for connecting the E-commerce service

  • Connection only of legal entities, residents of the Republic of Moldova
  • Owning a special current account (for storing the insurance deposit) within BC Victoriabank SA
  • Provide the Bank a brief description of your business, based on the following topics:

    1. Business Description:
    -strategy and objectives;
    - potential customers;
    - products and services proposed
    - planned volume of sales

    2. Interaction with customers:
    -registering customers, checking and storing information about them
    - providing the customer support service, correspondence and dispute resolution
    - payment terms and cancellation of the order, manner of delivery and returns.

    3. Deliver and storage of products, providing necessary services.

    4. Advertising of products/service offered: links to other sites, radio, television, magazines, etc.

     5. Performing products returns and customers crediting period in case of product returns or cancellation of orders.