POS Terminals

Accepting Visa and Mastercard cards for payment through electronic terminals in favour of your company

What is a POS?

  • Point of Sale (POS) - a terminal for electronic transfer of funds at the point of sale, which allows the retrieval, processing, storage and transmission, in secure environment, of card payment information. It provides an efficient, modern and secure solution that can significantly improve your company’s financial management

Benefits for the company

  • Increasing sales volume - transacted amounts will be higher because customers will be able to use the card crediting facility without being limited to the cash available
  • Reducing and simplifying the payment operations cycle - reducing the costs for managing and transporting cash
  • Ensuring security of payment operations - reducing the risk of theft or collection of counterfeit money
  • Simplified daily and monthly reconciliation - the bank provides you with a detailed (daily, weekly or monthly) statement of your POS transactions

What do we offer?

  • Terminals with different types of communication (cable or mobile internet) suitable for your business line
  • Installation of POS is free of charge - purchase, transport and installation costs are borne by Victoriabank
  • Free technical support by calling the phone numbers displayed on the terminal
  • The equipment is the property of the Bank and is put into service for a certain contractual period. Thus, no additional investment is required from the customer
  • Reimbursement of the amounts related to card transactions is carried out on the next business day on the current account in the bank specified by you


  • Processing of transaction for cards issued by Victoriabank - 1.5%
  • Processing of transactions for cards issued by other banks of Moldova - 2%
  • Processing of transactions for bank cards issued abroad - 2.5%
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