The Credit Line

About credit


The credit line was designed to cover temporary or cyclical working capital deficits, to pay taxes or suppliers, to refinance loans from other banks, to enhance the product range and other financing needs.

hLoan Amount

up to 10,000,000 MDL




up to 12 months with option to extend the duration of the loan

Do you need easy access for lending

  • The Credit Line helps you to pay bills in time (payment of suppliers, payment of employees, payments to the budget, etc
  • The Credit Line may allow refinance loans granted by other banks.

Eligibility criteria

  • There are no overdue payments on loans granted in the last 12 months, according data supplied by Loan Reporting Office/Agency (BIC);
  • Your company must have financial stability

Types of accepted pledges

  • Movable or immovable assets
  • Pledge of funds on deposit account

How to apply for a loan

  • Contact the branch you are already working with
  • Fill out the loan application
  • Submit the legal-constitutive decision for contracting the loan and the legal authorized representative of the company within the legal transaction
  • Attach copy of the last two (annual) financial reports and for the last completed quarterly trial balance.