The Investment Loan “Livada Moldovei” for smart investment solution

About credit


Victoriabank concluded the refinancing agreement to join the project – Livada Moldovei, becoming project financial partner for financing from funding granted to Government of the Republic of Moldova by European Investment Bank (EIB).

h Loan Value

from 5,000 EUR up to 3,000,000 EUR




up to 120 months

The Project Benefits

  • The grace period on loan payment up to 4 years
  • Tax subsidies
  • Zero VAT rate
  • Exemption from import duties

Eligible credit destination

The acceptable purposes involve any types of investments with reference to perennial plantations (except the acquisition of agricultural land) and connected areas of activity

  • Construction of greenhouses
  • Placement of irrigation systems
  • Construction in reconstruction of production spaces,
  • Acquisition of equipment and refrigeration trucks
  • Purchase of agricultural machines
  • Establishment of additional areas for perennial plantations
  • Purchase of machine tools for connected industries (printing houses, packaging manufacturers),
  • Acquisition of equipment for wineries
  • Landscaping and decorative gardening
  • Working capital for investment projects (кcontainers, boxes, pallets, packaging), etc.

Types of accepted pledges

  • Movable or immovable assets
  • Pledge of funds on deposit account

Eligibility criteria

  • The activity operates in the Republic of Moldova
  • There shareholders of the enterprise that are holding at least 75% of the share capital must be young citizens of the Republic of Moldova
  • Your company must have financial stability

How to apply for a loan

  • Contact the branch you are already working with
  • Fill out the loan application;
  • Submit the legal-constitutive decision for contracting the loan and the legal authorized representative of the company within the legal transaction
  • Attach copy of the last two (annual) financial reports and for the last completed quarterly trial balance.