VB24 Pay

To make your life easier and not to carry your bank or cash cards with you when you go shopping in the country and abroad

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VB24 Pay

Have you ever imagined that you can pay for purchases at the POS-terminal with a simple touch with your mobile phone? In order to make your life easier and to stop carrying bank or cash cards with you when you go shopping in the country and abroad, we offer you the VB24 Pay application.

The first bank wallet in Moldova

Download the app from Google Play for free

The application can be downloaded to your mobile phone with Android 4.4 OS and higher versions endowed with the NFC module and is valid only for bank cards issued by Victoriabank, except for Visa Electron cards.

Installing VB24 Pay

  • Download the app from Google Play
  • Launch the application
  • Enter the phone number in format 373 XXXXXXXX
  • Enter the card details * and give it a name that suits you (the name will be displayed on the card's image / preface)

When you register your first bank card, you will receive an SMS with a verification code, which will have to be entered in the corresponding field. Select and enter the password for the application twice.

*Bank card data will not be stored in the application and will not be used in the operational process. The number of the virtual card, as well as the history of the operations performed with it, can be viewed with a click by typing on the card image.

Registration of the next bank card in the application

Type the "+" symbol , at the top left of the screen, then enter the card data.

Each registered card will instantly generate a virtual card  through which transactions will be made. Using another card will be done by listing the screen on the left or right.

By registering several bank cards, you can set the card that will be used by default, including in the background mode, by activating the "star" symbol at the top center of the screen with the image of the selected card.

Payment with the VB24 Pay application

  • Launch the application
  • Enter the access password (fingerprint)
  • Select the card
  • Move the smartphone closer to the POS-terminal screen or the PIN-pad screen, identical to contactless card payments *
    Some smartphone models must be positioned with the screen facing the reader, others - with the back / verso. Identify the appropriate payment method for the device that belongs to you using the test method.*
  • After reading the card data, you will hear an audible signal, and the amount of the transaction will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Payment with smartphone set to "background" mode

  •  Activate the "background" mode  in the application
  •  Launch the application and enter the access password
  •  You can return to the home screen  or launch any other application
  •  To make payments, all you need to do is  unlock your mobile device and act in the same way as paying with your smartphone in "normal mode",  without the need to activate the application. Thus, the card selected for use in the default mode will be used for transactions.

Online card administration

Victoriabank gives you free access and administration of your card accounts through the VB24 Mobile and VB24 Web application. Here you can set transaction limits, manage and set the number of transactions.

Application operation details:

  • Change password - In the "Settings" menu you can change the access password in the application, delete the data of the registered card or set the operation of the application in the background mode. To use the app in the background mode, set your smartphone to lock with a PIN code, picture, password, etc.
  • The optimal operation of the application is conditioned by the internet connection of the mobile device at least once in 3 days, or after every 5th transaction made with it. The internet connection is required to update the cryptographic keys that ensure the execution of transactions. Cryptographic key updates can also be initiated manually in the "Settings" menu at the top right of the screen.