The Investments Lending Program for Young Entrepreneurs

You are young and set up a business but need support?

About credit

g Purpose

Victoriabank supports you with advantageous offers, within the lending program for young entrepreneurs, started by Ministry of Finances in 2019.

hLoan Amount

up to 1,500,000 MDL

j Currency


k Maturity

up to 8 years depending on financing project

The Project Benefits

  • Low interest rate up to 6% annually
  • The exemption period on loan payment up to 12 months
  • Loan granting commission in the amount of 5% of the loan value

Eligibility criteria

  • The activity operates in the Republic of Moldova
  • The age of beneficiaries is from 18 till 35 years at the date of submitting the loan application;
  • There shareholders of the enterprise that are holding at least 75% of the share capital must be young citizens of the Republic of Moldova;
  • The acceptable activities – the enterprises is operating in agriculture and other acceptable activities operating throughout the Republic of Moldova.

Types of accepted pledges

  • Movable or immovable assets
  • Pledge of funds on deposit account

How to apply for a loan

  • Contact the branch you are already working with
  • Fill out the loan application
  • Submit the legal-constitutive decision for contracting the loan and the legal authorized representative of the company within the legal transaction
  • Attach copy of the last two (annual) financial reports and for the last completed quarterly trial balance