Capital Market

Investment services and activities on the capital market

What is the capital market?

It is the general term used to define the market where financial instruments are sold and purchased. This market includes all the entities and operations that support these processes. The capital market provides for links between issuers and investors. The capital market deals with the financial instruments that support the capital exchange.


Which regulations govern the activity of the Bank on the capital market?
Who can become an investor on the capital market?
What financial instruments are traded in the capital market?
Circulation of corporate securities in the capital market?
Which securities are admitted to trading?


What do we offer?

The Bank, as an investment company, offers to the legal entities, under the „C” type license issued by the National Commission for the Financial Market, the following services and activities in the capital market:

•   reception and transmission of orders relating to one or more financial instruments;
Reception and transmission of orders for financial instruments include all operations necessary for the reception by the Bank of the customers’ orders and their transmission for execution.
•   execution of orders relating to financial instruments on behalf of customers;
Execution of orders relating to financial instruments on behalf of customers includes the operations necessary for completion of transactions on sale or purchase of financial instruments on behalf of customers.
•   investment advice;
Investment advice refers to the issuance of a personal recommendation to the customer for a transaction concerning a certain financial instrument. This activity involves the provision of the following services: analysis of financial instruments, their assessment and recommendations on sale and purchase of financial instruments, advice and assistance in conducting public offers of securities on the secondary market.
•   custody of financial instruments;
The custody of financial instruments includes the depositing of the securities held by the customers with the Bank by opening individual sub-accounts on behalf of each individual customer with a view of separate recordkeeping. Pursuant to the CNPF requirements, the depositing of securities with the Bank is mandatory in case of sale/purchase transactions registered outside the regulated market or MTF. 


How can you find us?

Central Office (31 August 1989 Street, No. 141, Chisinau, Moldova)
Tel: + (373 22) 57 63 50, 57 63 51, 57 63 53, 57 63 54
Fax: + (373 22) 23 30 89


Useful information:

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