Individual safe

Going on vacation or make a business trip and you want your valuable items to be kept in a safe place?

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Who can use the individual safe?

Individual safes are available to all persons who wish to keed safe their valuables safe. Is a perfect solution, that guarantees the safety of your items in good conditions for storage at affordable price. To ensure the integrity of your precious objects, Victoriabank organized specialized rooms equipped with the latest electronic security systems with computerized technical equipment and special ventilation systems.

What is allowed to be kept in individual safes?

  • metal jewelery and precious stones;
  • money „cash”;
  • Various collections (coins, ancient historical objects);
  • value documents;
  • worthless objects determined;
  • wills;
  • securities, shares, bonds, property certificates, certificates of deposit.

What is not allowed to be kept in individual safes?

  • flammable objects;
  • drugs;
  • weapons, explosives, toxic and others like them;
  • any perishables or smelly product;
  • values pursued by criminal law or stolen;
  • other objects and values to the law of the Republic of Moldova.


What is the price for the rent?

Price is set according to the size of the box and the period of keeping. Its price ranges from 80-160 MDL for monthly lease and daily rental 10-30 MDL.

How does people's access to the vault?

The tenant goes and attests to the Bank the right to use the individual safe presenting a valid ID and the number of safe distributed according to the contract. After verification of the identity, the responsible employee ensures the access to the individual safe.

What is the minimum or maximum term for which the individual safe can be used?

The minimum time limit for the use of the safe is 1 day, and the maximum - unlimited.


Where the safes are located?

Chișinău, Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt street, №77 (Branch №11) – phone number 0 (22) 57 64 87;

Chișinău, Șoseaua Hâncești street, №43 (Agency №24 of Branch №17) – phone number: 0(22) 62 51 71.

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