Scheduled payments

simplifies the process of paying monthly bills for utilities, mobile phone and Internet.


  • Save time and patience: it is not necessary to go to the bank or post office to pay bills;
  • The possibility to pay not only your bills, but also other person’s bills (children, parents, grandparents, neighbors, etc.);
  • Wide range of services that can be paid.


What bills can be paid?

The list of organizations


How to subscribe?

  • We invite you to any bank branch with ID and bills you want to schedule for payment;
  • Select the account from which the payments will be made to suppliers with whom the bank has concluded a cooperation agreement;
  • To ensure that you have sufficient money on your account to pay bills (at the date when the electronic invoices will be sent to the bank or by the date mentioned in the contract with bank).


What information should you provide to the bank operator?

  • Name, Surname (card account holder);
  • Card account number;
  • The frequency of bills paying (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly);
  • The maximum and minimum amounts (if necessary) of payments.


For more details, call: 0 (22) 57 63 58