DA! SMS Banking

receive SMS notifications on your phone when bank registered changes on your card account.

With DA! SMS Banking you can:

  • Receive notification messages to your phone as soon as they registered a change in the bank card account, whether you received salary card, you paid a purchase in store, online or simply have extracted a sum of cash;
  • Pay utilities and other payments;
  • Check your balance account and mini statement for last transactions.


How to activate the service?

  • Find the nearest ATM on the map;
  • Insert the card into the ATM and authorize by entering your PIN code;
  • From the menu select "Subscribe to services" > SMS-Banking;
  • Enter Orange phone number, then choose a password of 5 digits for the service DA! SMS Banking;
  • Choose a monthly SMS option: 10, 20, 30 or unlimited SMS, for alerts and other messages you will receive from Victoriabank (not applicable if you activate the service for a co-brand card Orange and Victoriabank);
  • Send an SMS from your phone to the number 101 to Orange  end Unite customers, or 1001 to Moldcell customers, with the same password that you entered at the ATM.

After receiving the message with your password, Victoriabank will verify compliance of this with Orange phone number, with data entered at the ATM and will activate the service. In case if you send the wrong password, you will have three more chances, after which you will need to re-record the ATM. When turning on DA! SMS Banking for more cards, you need to choose a different password for each one.


The service is available to all customers who own a Victoriabank card.


Useful information:

For more details, come to any Victoriabank branch or call the Customer Service, available 24/24, by the contact numbers: (022) 21-02-02 or (022) 21-03-03.

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