Credit „Renaissance City"

For a period of up to 180 months to purchase real estate in the residential complex „Renaissance City".

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Residential complex "Renaissance City" has developed a modern infrastructure in accordance with global standards. The advantageous location in just 2 kilometers from Chisinau, on the Chisinau – Straseni route, a great design and a pleasant ambience in harmony with nature are just a few reasons to buy a property in the residential complex "Renaissance City". Housing stock consists of 54 villas. The total area of the complex is 3.2 ha.

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Amount: up to 100% of the investment
Term: up to 180 months
Interest rate: I year – 1%, II year – 3%, III year – 5%, starting with IV year – 7% (floating)



  • Obtain a house located in an ecologically clean area and satisfy your needs for a modern and comfortable style of living;
  • A flexible approach to the financial situation;
  • The possibility of establishing the desired credit repayment;
  • Fast examination of credit applications, low costs, transparent and flexible credit terms;
  • The possibility of establishing in the first 6 months of any credit repayment schedule.



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