Visa Orange

The most advantageous combination of bonus points, more easily use banking services and more security for your money and transactions.


  • Collect bonus points and pay with them in Orange shops;
  • Free subscription to VB24 Web and VB24 Mobile;
  • Free and unlimited mobile internet for using the Mobile Banking application;
  • Pay the utility bills, telephone services, Internet, mobile, television services and other;
  • Free SMS alerts for any movement in the account activation with SMS Banking service;
  • Discounts for card payments in VictoriaShopping partner’s shops and automatic enrollment in promotions organized by Victoriabank or VISA;
  • Reduced fees for card opening and account management;
  • Receiving social payments from CNAS;
  • Free withdrawal of cash from more than 170 ATMs;
  • Non-stop customer support;
  • Special offers for hotel room reservations, with 75% discount from the best price provided by Hotel Club.


How can I get the card?

The card is intended for Orange customers and is available in two versions: VISA Electron and VISA Gold. Any of these can also request a supplementary card VISA Electron Virtual for secure payments on the Internet.


 Visa Electron Orange
 Visa Gold Orange
Additional services Visa Gold Orange
Insurance Visa Gold Orange
 Visa Electron Virtual Orange


How do I receive bonus points?

You get bonus points for any payment with your card, regardless of the amount spent, but also money transfers, account feeds and cash withdrawals from ATMs of other banks:


Bonuses grid


How do I know how many bonus points I have?

Points will gather into your Bonus Points account, on your associated card. To see how many points you accumulate, enter the Mobile Banking application on your smartphone and access the "Cards and accounts" option. In the list you'll find your Bonus Points account and its balance. Also, you can see how many bonus points you have at any ATM Victoriabank or from a PC by going on Internet Banking.


How can I use the bonus points?

Each bonus point has a value of 50 bani and the amount you collect you can spend on whatever you want in direct stores Orange. Announce the seller that you want to pay with points, and payment will be made from your Bonus Points account. Moreover, you can choose only a fraction of the value of your shopping to be paid with points and the rest with cash.


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